Manufacturing of plastic closures

Closures of various colours for plastic bottles

Our closures are made of the highest quality plastic materials, are available in different dimensions and colour tones, and are intended for use with different types of plastic packaging. We can also offer assistance with the repair and maintenance of closing machines.

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Quality Management - ISO 9001 certificate

In an attempt to effectively adjust to market demand and to completely control our business processes and project leadership, we have decided to apply a complete system quality control. In April, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

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Closures can feature colour prints, e.g. your company's logo

Based on your needs we can make one or two coloured prints. The prints are made with high-tech rotation printing machines.

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Printed caps for beer kegs

According to your wishes we can make caps for beer kegs of different sizes. The coloured caps can also feature various types of printing.

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About company TPLAST d.o.o.

The TPLAST manufacturing company has been present in the market since 1993. We keep our production up-to-date with modern technologies, which enables us to keep pace with the rest of the world and to produce high quality...

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